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Advantages of Going to Church

It’s a believe that is based on total loyalty of the Almighty God through Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit which is based on life, teaching and miracles performed by Jesus and they usually convene in Churches where they empower each other.

Christian teaching mostly emphasize on living a changed life where they believe in not revenging, loving their neighbors just as themselves, honoring God and the Ten Commandments which guide them, that there is life after death and that they should publicly live to declare that Jesus as their savior.
Christians believe of God being their for them in all times of need and there is no want or suffering as He will bring help through Christ Jesus whom they have intimate relationship with, more than a friend who wont leave them.

The church is the family of any Christian; that gathering of believers worshiping God and learning His word is the family of any Christian where they believe in fathers, moms , brothers and sisters and always take care of each other through the virtues instilled by the Holy bible and this can create the unity and love among them.

Worshiping in the church with other believers will put one in that state and mood of communicating with His Master at ease as just being in the church makes it more possible than being in other place.

Its through the church where one is able to review his/her life and see how God has been faithful and how much gratitude one has been having despite of challenging of life and this helps one to change view of life.

Its through this church meetings where one meets to know new people, interact with them during the church progress and activities as church people are much friendly incase one has just come to a new town or neighborhood.

Church is the only place where one is able to experience a different state of different world still in the same place as it gives one some different kind of peace and calmness as it’s a holy place of worship and gives one a chance to focus his/her life and though this a mood of praying is set.

It is a place where one can easily get a life responsible spouse either husband or wife as the two are both on one page in matters of faith and behavior guided by their believe and guidelines of the bible, couples who attend church together expose a high level of happiness and satisfaction within their marriage and this is the same when one marries a church attending spouse.

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